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Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

JellyLock 7

Here’s a simple change to JellyLock 7 design.

Instructions included.


Acies’ exclusive walls

Here are the wallpapers that was made for Acies, all were made by @ genso84.

These are every wall you’ve seen me post in the last couple of weeks.


Acies - Premium iconset

Acies real pixel


Acies 3D* real pixels


With Apple taking a completely different direction with their design, I decided to do the same and try to come up with something different than what I’ve done in the past.

After several weeks of hard work, I bring you Acies, a simple, and elegant design that keeps the original idea of iOS 7 but a lot more consistency and detail.

I’ve carefully considered each color palette that I used in these icons to have the right look and feel and make them a bit different than what’s out there right now. You may notice that I took some risk and went over the top with some of the ideas in some of these icons, but that’s me trying to do something different.

* The ‘3D’ icons you see above will require a tweak called ‘iconOmatic’ by @ TER4M but it’s still in beta. Once released, you’ll be able to achieve the same effect.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I’ve had making them.


NOTE: This is an iconset only. Icons are added with each update.

If you have questions, email me deckedesigns(at)gmail(dot)com or shoot me a tweet @ deckedsg.

Acies - premium icon set coming soon

Acies - premium icon set coming soon

Acies - coming soon

Acies - coming soon



Happy Bidding. and i hope all bidders and listed people will enjoy.

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Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Cydia iOS 7 icon


Cydia icon that matches perfectly with iOS 7’s AppStore and iTunes icon.

Easy installation
SSH into your device and navigate to Applications/Cydia and replace icon@2x with original one. Make sure to keep copy of the original just in case.
Icon by @deckedsg